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Angioplasty LAD With Severe CAD

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Angiogram, Angioplasty of LAD, Coronary artery disease image

This image is taken from the patient featured in our Teaching Series, AWMI.  This shot shows the left anterior descending artery just after a stent has been placed and blood flow returned.  There had been a 100% occlusion prior to the angioplasty.  The circumflex and obtuse marginal arteries show evidence of severe coronary artery disease and multiple partial obstructions, and were also repaired.

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Patient WO 118 - Angioplasty of Right Coronary Artery

Angioplasty images from Patient WO 118, an 83-year-old woman with chest pain and near-syncope.

To see her ECG series, click HERE

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