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Junctional escape beat

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Jason's Blog: ECG Challenge of the Week for March 31st - April 7th.

Patient's clinical data:  66-year-old white man.

Amongst the computer's several statements was the interpretation of "Undetermined rhythm".  To the computer's statement, the reviewing cardiologist added the freehand text of "Abnormally slow" but failed to provide a diagnosis.   

What is accounting for this pattern?

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Featured Case Study by Guru member Vince DiGiulio, EMT-CC.

This week, in addition to my own blog, I'm going to feature a guest case study by Guru member Vince DiGiulio, EMT-CC.  This past Monday, Vince messaged me (along with Dr. Ken Grauer) on Facebook and requested my input and opinion on these serial ECGs.  With Vince's blessing, he gave me permission to use any of his original 12-lead ECGs here on the Guru.  Of his 6 ECGs, I've decided to post 4 of them here. 

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