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Ventricular fusion beat

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Jason's Blog: ECG Challenge for the month of December, 2013.

The only patient data I have is that this ECG is from a 73-year old man.  At the request of the site administrator (Dawn Altman), I'm posting this ECG because there isn't one quite like it in the Guru's archives.  Some readers will recognize it as one I recently posted on another website.  This one lives up to the title of "Challenging".  I'll make the same general statement I did on the other website:  You'll need to make careful measurements with calipers on this ECG to come to the correct interpretation.

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Jason's Blog: ECG Challenge of the Week for Jan. 27th - Feb. 3rd.

Patient's clinical data:  67-year-old white man with a history of COPD and CAD.

Unfortunately, due to the advanced age of this ECG (29-years ago), many details of the device will have to be left to speculation.  I'm unable to retrieve any information about the patient other than the two diagnoses above.

How many different things can you spot in this 12-lead ECG?

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Jason's Blog: ECG Challenge of the Week for Oct. 28th - Nov. 4th.

This is one of five consecutive serial ECGs that I performed several years ago on a patient in our Outpatient ECG Lab.  The patient was asymptomatic and the ECG was ordered as "Routine" by the patient's Primary Care Provider (PCP).  I deliberately "froze" the tracing on the screen and captured this image because I wanted to show a transition on the ECG.

No clinical patient data available.

What does this tracing show?  Choose the correct answer from the list below.

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