Favorite ECG Social Media Sites

  • EKG Club  Facebook. Over 390,000 members.  Submit and discuss anonymized ECGs.

    ECG Guru  Facebook page to notify followers of the ECG Guru website of new content.  LinkedIn page also.

    ECG Wave-Maven Facebook page to notify followers of the Wave-Maven website of new ECGs.

    ECGs and Cardiology      Facebook page for all cardiac topics with 256,000 followers.

    Dr. Jerry W Jones on LinkedIn:  The very popular ECG educator, owner of  Medicus of Houston, publishes excellent short articles on ECG topics.  Dr. Jones responds to all questions and comments on his content.  Also look for Dr. Jones's LinkedIn group, ECG Nerds.

  • ECG Guru on LinkedIn  see when new content is added to the website.


Favorite Websites and Blogs


 Dr. Ken Grauer:  ECG Interpretation Blogspot.  Excellent site for all levels of learners from one of the health care community’s favorite teachers.  Difficult topics are broken down for easy understanding.  Dr. Grauer can also be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, and as the Consulting Expert of the ECG Guru.

Dr. Steven Smith:  Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog, Instructive ECGs in Emergency Medicine Clinical Context.  A large archive of ECGs with discussion appropriate to intermediate to advanced practitioners.

Dr. John Larkin   Seven years of ECG archives with instructive discussions on ECG of the Week blog.  While it is no longer being written, the archives remain accessible.  Dr. Larkin can be found at EMergucate, where he continues to provide free ECG Education.

Dr. Obaid, Practical ECG COURSES Free YouTube videos with link to online courses.    https://www.youtube.com/@PracticalECGCourses/videos

Tom Bouthillet, Batt Chief EMS for Hilton Head Fire Rescue and David Didlake, NRP, APRN, ACNP-BC:  EMS 12-Lead.  They provide ECG case studies with expert commentary from well-known ECG instructors like Dr. Ken Grauer and Dr. Steven Smith.  EMS oriented, but valuable for ALL medical providers who need ECG proficiency.

Arnel Carmona:  ECG Rhythms.  Blog with large archives and thorough illustrative explanations.

Dr. Mete Alpaslan:  ECG archives.  Extensive instructional ECG archives.

Dr. Frank Yanowitz:  ECG Learning Center, University of Utah School of Medicine. Large archive of ECG and cardiology Information and Images started by the late Dr. Alan Lindsay. Cardiovascular pathology images index (copyrighted photos).

Dr. Johnson Francis, All About Cardiovascular System and Disorders.  Compilation of articles on cardiac topics.

Dr. Amal Mattu:  ECG Weekly Workout.  Excellent presentations of ECG cases, videos on YouTube at Amal Mattu.  New Cases have been moved to a subscription site with a modest fee.

Healio Learn the Heart:  Free online courses and quizzes on cardiac and ECG topics.

ECG Made Easy Ebook, Joanna Hampton & John Hampton

ECG Wave-Maven: Self-assessment program for students and clinicians. Sponsored by Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Life In The Fast Lane: ECG Library: Extensive archive of ECG lessons and examples.

RebelEM: Blog and website on Emergency Medicine topics, including an ECG of the week.

History 1929

German surgeon Werner Forssmann (1904-1979) examined the inside of his own heart by threading a catheter into his arm vein and pushing it 20 inches and into his heart.

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