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Want to know more about bundle branch block, IVCD, Wolff-Parkinson-White, Brugada?  Need a systematic approach to evaluating 12-Lead ECGs?  Need to brush up on your arrhythmia interpretation?  How do you explain prolonged QT intervals and Torsades de Pointes to your students?  All this and MUCH, MUCH more in Dr. Grauer's new 2014 ECG Pocket Brain, E-PUB edition.  This is the BEST comprehensive resource out there for ECG instructors and students alike!

Fans of the ECG Guru are very familiar with our Consulting Expert, Dr. Ken Grauer.  His commentary on our content is invaluable, and is especially helpful to instructors who want to know how to present more complex information to their students.  He makes ECG understandable and relevant to patient care situations.  Dr. Grauer has published many  print books and electronic books.  He strives to keep the cost low in order to make his materials accessible to all.  Through E-Publishing, he has been able to add more content and color illustrations to his popular books.  

Dr. Grauer's latest E-book is the electronic version of his 2014 ECG Pocket Brain.  Even if you have the print version of the ECG Pocket Brain, you will want the electronic version, because he was able to include MUCH MORE information, practice, and color illustrations.  The E-Pub looks especially great on iPad, Kindle Fire, and a computer screen.

For more information about the 2014 ECG Pocket Brain E-Pub and Dr. Grauer's other books, go to his website.  His publications can be ordered from Amazon.

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For those interested - this is the link on amazon for ECG-2014-ePub - GO TO - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HX29ZAO/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb -

Ken Grauer, MD  www.kg-ekgpress.com   [email protected] 

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The link in my book review is now corrected to take you to the page for this publication.

Dawn Altman, Admin

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