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Anterior Wall M.I. With Subtle ST Changes, Pt. M, ECG No. 3, Cardiac Arrest Rhythm Strips

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 17:41 -- Dawn
Cardiac Arrest, Rhythm Strip, V Tach, Torsades de pointes, Idioventricular Rhythm

This is the same patient as seen in ECGs "Patient M, ECGs 1 and 2.   Approximately two hours after being brought to the Emergency Dept., he was about to be moved to an ambulance stretcher for transport to an interventional cath lab several miles away.  He developed pulseless V Tach, followed rapidly by V Fib.  These strips are not continuous, but they are consecutive.  The patient had episodes of V Tach, Torsades type, V Fib, wide complex rhythm with PEA, and asystole during the resuscitation efforts.  See No. 4 for outcome.

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