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Anterior Wall M.I. With Subtle ST Changes, Pt. M, ECG No. 4. Cardiac Arrest Rhythm Strips

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 17:57 -- Dawn
Rhythm strip, Cardiac Arrest, V Tach, V Fib, Wide Complex Tachycardia, Torsades de Pointes

This is from the patient in ECGs A-C.  His cardiac arrest continued with V Tach, V Fib, and a wide-complex tachycardia with pulses.   The wide-complex tachycardia seen in the beginning of the first strip is V Tach.  The WCT seen later and at the end is possibly a supraventricular rhythm with conduction delay such as bundle branch block.  No 12-lead is available.  He did have pulses and a BP during the WCT with negatively-deflected QRS complexes at the end.  Unfortunately, he did not regain consciousness and was not breathing spontaneously.  He was transferred to the CCU, where he later expired.

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