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Those of you who have followed the ECG Guru for a while are very familiar with the work of Dr. Ken Grauer, M.D.  He is a generous contributer to the ECG Guru website, and functions as our official Consulting Expert.  He has published many books and e-publications which are (in our opinion) some of the BEST ECG references available, and he has worked hard to keep them low priced to make them available to all of us.  He also offers seemingly endless ECG knowledge and insights for FREE, via this website, his own website, and social media.

Dr. Ken Grauer has recently been producing ECG instructional videos.  The latest is a three-part series (Videos 10, 11,  and 12), which tackle the topic of the BASICS OF ECG RHYTHM INTERPRETATION.  These videos cover the basics for those who are just beginning their ECG training, as well as for those who want a refresher.  More advanced concepts are included along the way to keep the interest of those who are already experienced.  There are also excellent examples of how to teach the basics for those of you who are instructors.  It is presumed that the viewer of the videos has a beginning background in health care sciences, and in anatomy and physiology.  To facilitate navigating through this 3-part (2 hour) video series, Dr. Grauer has made a LINKED CONTENTS that takes you to the precise place in the video for each given content area.  There you will also find links to Dr. Grauer's other publications and free resources.

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