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This ECG Guru website exists for the purpose of sharing teaching resources with anyone who teaches ECG or Cardiology classes.  It can be difficult to find non-copyrighted and free images to use in presentations.  Often, those resources that are available are too small to reproduce well for a handout or projector.  Our website seeks to fill this gap to make it easier for more people all over the world to receive ECG education.

The ECG Guru has a large archive of ECGs, both 12-leads and rhythm strips.  They have all been interpreted, and most have comments from Dr. Ken Grauer or other ECG experts for those wanting more advanced interpretation.  We also provide illustrations and some videos.  

Check out our "Ask the Experts" page for great ideas on how to present difficult topics.  If you need help preparing a class, we offer PowerPoint presentations that are fully editable and customizeable, along with personal consultation, for a small fee.  For those preparing products to sell, such as books, articles,  online presentations, and webinars, we offer illustrations for a small fee, and will assist you in finding the images you need.

Dawn Altman is also available on a limited schedule to teach classes, including instructor courses, as needed.  You may email us at [email protected] any time if you have questions.  If you have educational materials you would like to share with others, please send to this email address also.

We love teachers and their students! 

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