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Hi, everyone!  Happy Winter holidays.  We are so happy you are here.  We have one BIG REQUEST that would make the ECG Guru team so happy.    We would love to hear your comments and field your questions!  There is a "Comments" section below each piece of content. No question too basic or too advanced - you have access to RN, Paramedic, and MD viewpoints here.  In order to comment, there is a sign-in process that involves registering an email address.  This is to keep out spammers and bots - I never knew how many of those are out there!!!  We will NEVER use your email for any purpose. Unlike many websites, we do not send out mass emails to our members.  So, please feel free to comment, ask, correct, or praise - we want to hear from you!  And please join us on our FaceBook page.

I started the ECG Guru website in 2011 when I realized that many of my colleagues were teaching ECG and related cardiac topics in settings that did not allow them access to a wide variety of materials, especially ECGs and illustrations.  ECG classes almost by definition MUST have illustrations and ECGs to look at and practice on. And they have to be high-quality to allow for printing into handouts or projecting onto screens.

During my career in the Emergency Department, post-anesthesia care, the cath lab, and teaching EMS, I have collected a large number of ECGs.  My colleagues on the front lines frequently donate interesting ECGs to me.  In the interest of better education for ALL healthcare providers, and better care for our patients, I wanted to provide this material to other teachers. So often, when I have searched for a particular sample, I have found only copyrighted or blurred images.  It can also be a problem finding normal and benign rhythms, because bloggers often only post unusual or remarkable ECGs.

So, the ECG Guru was born. With Steven Spencer, our very knowledgable and talented webmaster; Dr. Ken Grauer, our world-famous and very generous Contributing Expert; and many other ECG Gurus who have contributed their time and expertise to this endeavor, we have been providing teaching materials to instructors all over the world.  It is expensive to keep such a large website, full of big files, going. We make a little money on limited ad placement, but resist the impulse to put large, flashy ads on our professional page. We also have been fortunate to consult and provide material to commercial enterprises such as television shows, continuing education companies, and book publishers.  This barely keeps the lights on, and we are so grateful that the Gurus like Dr. Grauer and Dr. Jerry Jones so frequently contribute to our site free of charge.

One of the most gratifying things to come out of the ECG Guru experience is hearing from so many instructors who tell us they assign or recommend the page to their students.  We didn't expect this because there are so many wonderful websites out there for students of ECG.  We are glad to be of help, and our "Favorite Sites" page includes links to many of these social media pages and websites.  We will gladly take your recommendations for sites to include on that page. So please contact us, ask your questions, tell your students about us, and share your stories.  We are always glad to connect with the world-wide community of health care professionals.


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