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CLICK the link to download the PowerPoint presentation.

This PowerPoint Presentation provides an introductory lesson in the construction of a simple laddergram.  Laddergrams are a very useful way to diagram electrical conduction during cardiac dysrhythmias.  Laddergrams can show conduction that is otherwise concealed from the surface ECG.  They are very useful for presenting your theory of a dysrhythmia's mechanism.  Laddergrams are used by many ECG teachers to illustrate conduction, and being able to decipher a laddergram makes it much easier to understand explanations of complex dysrhythmias.


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In addition to Dawn’s Power Point presentation I offer 2 additional educational reviews on learning to draw laddergrams

  • Please check out my ECG Video #9 - GO TO http://tinyurl.com/KG-Video-9  If you fast forward to 9:10 in this video, you’ll find a step-by-step illustration of how to learn to draw laddergrams.
  • My ECG Blog #69 also walks-you-through step-by-step how to draw a laddergram  GO TO  http://tinyurl.com/KG-Blog-69 - 

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